The Coherent Data Adapter: CUSIP Global Services Web Edition allows users of both Java and The R Project for Statistical Computing to access the entire universe of CUSIP identifiers for corporate, municipal, government and mortgage-backed issues, and private placements. The CUSIP Global Services database contains issuer and issue identifiers, standardized descriptions and related data for more than 9.1 million unique financial instruments.CGS Package for R -- GetStates Example

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  • Seemless integration with the R Project for Statistical Computing.
  • Web services-based so CUSIP data is always up-to-date.
  • This package delivers a simple set of functions for obtaining CUSIP data.
  • This package is lightweight.

The following list contains the functions that are available in this package as well as their development status.

Web method name Development status in R Development status in Java
Login Completed (examples below) Completed (all examples)
GetCurrencies Completed (example) Completed
GetCUSIPAttributesPortfolioData Completed (example) Completed
GetCUSIPData Completed (example) Completed
GetCUSIPDataForTicker Completed (example) Completed
GetCUSIPPortfolioData Completed (example) Completed
GetStates Completed (example) Completed
GetDomiciles Completed (example) Completed
GetGovernmentMortgages Completed (example) Completed
GetIssueAttributes Completed (example) Completed
GetLinkedIssuesData Completed (example) Completed
GetOptionsData Completed (example) Completed
GetSBLData Completed (example) Completed

If you have questions about either of these products or need more information, feel free to send us an email.

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