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We are passionate about helping our clients work with their data-related problems. Broadly speaking, these clients fall into two categories: those with businesses that consume data and those with businesses that produce and distribute data.

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Coherent Logic is located in McLean Virginia, conveniently situated in the hub of business activity around the Washington DC metropolitan area.

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For Data Providers

What benefits does your data platform provide to your customers?

If your idea of selling your data online encompasses a website with a few web services, then we have news for you: this is not enough. While it’s true that your business can now share it’s data with customers, the problem is that it is now your customer’s responsibility to develop software to access this data, hence their cost increases and the time to see a return on investment increases as well. If this happens during a trial period it will increase significantly the chances that the customer will not properly evaluate what your business is offering since they’ll be spending time just trying to get at the data.

Our suggestion, and where we can help, is to extend the capabilities of your data platform to include a common set of tools and components that proffer options to the client, and help to bring your data into their business faster.

If you leave this task for your client to develop then they are effectively forced to make the engineering investment themselves.

Make no mistake about this: there’s significant ground to be covered here, but you don’t need to cover all of it. Offering out-of-the-box solutions for some of the common methods for working with your product will pay dividends. And if your competitors are taking this approach then you really have no choice but to act.

For Data Consumers

What is your data strategy?

This is an important question because data strategy in the past meant your business had a relational database however the scope of this subject is growing more and more with every passing year.

Data strategy, in general terms, is your business’ approach to exporting or consuming data, in order to generate profit, support some business function, develop competitive advantage, etc.

Data can come from pay-walled web services, publicly accessible web services, spreadsheets, relational databases and data can be shared with an ever growing list of applications in your business.

Have you been tasked with building a data platform in-house, and software development is not what your business really should be doing? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ then we can help you here.

Our approach to data consumption includes:
– Solutions that are properly engineered — future-proofed solutions that give your business options.
– Solutions that perform and scale well — characteristics that are especially important when one is paying for data.
– Solutions that track usage — so you know what you’re paying for is being used, and how frequently.

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