Coherent Logic offers open-source middleware for accessing data directly from the US RESTful web services for ad hoc reporting and analysis purposes — this includes unrestricted access to all debt and securities data that is available via the Treasury Direct API.

The Coherent Logic Treasury Direct Client leverages the Enterprise Data Adapter, delivering a common set of dependencies for developing enterprise, standalone, and embedded applications, a common data adapter and data model, an out-of-the-box cache-agnostic interface along with a default implementation for the JBoss Infinispan shared-memory data grid, and more.


QueryBuilder builder = new QueryBuilder(

Securities securities = queryBuilder

Debts debts = queryBuilder
Federal Debt: Total Public Debt
US Treasury Bonds, Treasury Bond CUSIP Lookup, Historical Treasury Auction Results, Treasury Auction Results 2017, 10 Year Treasury Auction History, Historical Treasury Rates

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