Use the Coherent Data Adapter: Google Analytics Measurement API Client to send event information from any Java application or middleware to Google Analytics.

The Problem

Your business utilizes Google Analytics for their web application however the analytics have blind spots due to coverage which can only be collected internally in the application — for example, server-side web service calls will not be tracked by Google Analytics. Since your web application is written in the Java programming language, the solution to this problem must also be written in Java.

The Solution

The Coherent Logic Google Analytics Measurement API Client offers full-scope access to the Google Analytics Measurement API through a Java framework which is designed to be embedded in web applications, standalone applications, as well as middleware.


    .withEc("Event category")
    .withAn("Application name")
    .withEa("Event action")
    .withAv("Application version")
    .withEl("Event label")

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