Acquire Financial Instrument Global Identifier (FIGI) data for ad hoc reporting and analysis purposes with the Coherent Data Adapter: OpenFIGI Client Edition middleware for Java.

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Coherent Data Adapter: OpenFIGI Client Edition Integration Test Example
Coherent Data Adapter: OpenFIGI Client Edition Integration Test Example

The FIGI (Financial Instrument Global Identifier), previously the Bloomberg Global Identifier (BBGID), is a unique identifier of financial instruments that can be issued to instruments such as common stock, options, derivatives, futures, corporate and government bonds, municipals, currencies, and mortgage products [1].

From Bloomberg [3]: provides direct access to multiple tools for identifying, mapping and requesting free and open symbology datasets. The website enables users to search the available Open Symbology data, access news and updates related to the FIGI, and obtain the OpenFIGI API specification. The website also provides powerful search criteria including access to increased coverage, the inclusion of additional fields, such as Share Class FIGI, and options to narrow down and pinpoint the results, which can be exported to Excel files without usage restrictions. Bloomberg’s Open Symbology team will also use the site to share its subject-matter expertise about symbology, data quality, data governance, metadata and ontology.

The Coherent Data Adapter: OpenFIGI Client Edition is an enterprise data adapter which provides full-scope access to the entire suite of web services offered by the API. This middleware is writen in Java and has been released under the LGPL license.


Example One

Example Two

Example Three

Data data = queryBuilder

Example Four

def data = queryBuilder

Example Five

This example demonstrates direct access to the Sunlands Online Education Group.

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Coherent Logic offers data acquisition expertise to businesses that intend to leverage OpenFIGI and other financial data in their organization — inquiries can be directed to:

[T] +1.312.694.3313

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