Generally speaking Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be divided into two categories: one is what we refer to as Technical SEO and entails website performance — the other is Marketing SEO and includes user experience, compelling text, and videos — all of which should help to entice visitors to engage with a specific business. Coherent Logic focuses on Technical SEO and that means making WordPress-based¬†websites running on Linux as fast as reasonably possible.

The Problem

Your WordPress business website is slow for the purposes of Search Engine Optimization. The side-effects of this will be that your website won’t rank well because the bounce rate will be high and the amount of time visitors spend on your site will be low and a poorly performing website can damage your business, especially when it makes money online.

You can find out if your website is slow by simply testing it using a tool like to test it — if you start seeing one or more F grades then you might have a problem — just enter your business website address below and test it.

For example, an image of one of the tools we use in the work we do is <a href=””></a> — you can run a similar test on your own website and if the results are poor then we should talk. performance test results for the Coherent Logic FRED Client web page. performance test results for the Coherent Logic FRED Client web page. Note that this page has a few images being loaded as well as embedded videos hosted on and this test shows the page will start to render in 1.2 seconds.

The Mobile Internet makes website performance that much more important since a large and growing percentage of traffic is from mobile visitors.

The Solution

The solution is simple: Invest in improving your business website performance with Coherent Logic.

We’ll start by reviewing where your website is and then determine what can be done to address some of these issues.

We’ll address each issue and in the end show you the before and after improvement results along with a detailed report regarding what was done to achieve these results.

Finally keep in mind that businesses that are spending money on marketing-focused SEO and are neglecting technical SEO may not achieve the best return on investment if the website is performing poorly.

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