Infering information from Google Analytics: Part 4

The question is as follows:

A link on this website will launch a demonstration application which uses Java Web Start Technology — this means that visitors will need to have the Java Runtime Environment installed on their machine in order to run this program.

What we’d like to know, ideally, is how many visitors between two dates were using Internet Explorer (IE) and clicked on the link that launches the demonstration application?

This is actually not an easy question to answer without exporting data from Google Analytics — the reason is that this requires three dimensions, and the Google Analytics user interface only allows us to work with two dimensions — here’s a breakdown of the dimensions:

  • Clicking on a specific link requires Event Tracking
  • Tracking a specific browser
  • with support for Java

The solution:

We’re going to make this easy on ourselves. Instead of exporting data into Excel and then trying to figure out this number, let’s start by looking into all users that have visited the site over the course of several years and see if the number of Internet Explorer users that do not have support for Java is even interesting enough to warrant further investigation.

What we find is as follows:

  • The total number of visitors using IE is 1085 (that’s 1063 + 22).
  • The total number of visitors using IE with support for Java is 1063.
  • The total number of visitors using IE without support for Java is 22.

There’s not much point digging deeper here as the total percentage of visitors using IE without support for Java is quite small (less than one percent) so chances are that visitors who are using IE and that click on a specific link will have support for Java.

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