CUSIP Global Services Client Demo

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The CUSIP Global Services (CGS) demonstration application allows you to login and work with CGS queries via the CUSIPGlobalServicesQueryBuilder class using the Groovy scripting language.


      Java 8
      The userId and password for your CUSIP Global Services account.
    To Run:
    Step one:
    Download the CGS Client Demo Application.
    Step two:
    java -jar cgs-client-demo-0.8.5-RELEASE.jar
    CGS Client Demo Run Example
    Step three:
    Login to CGS -- this is the first script that appears in the window. 
    * You will need to supply your own CGS userId and password.
    CGS Client Demo Login (updated)

    Once step one and two have been completed the user can then work with other
    queries available in this application.


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