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Maven Central Details:

Group: com.coherentlogic.fred.client
Module: fred-client-{ config | core | misc | db-int }
Version: 2.0.2-RELEASE


Download the fred-client-spark-int-2.0.1-RELEASE.jar used in the example above here.

Are you looking to analyze macro economic data from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis?

If your application architecture is based on Java, the Spring Framework, and Maven, and you’re looking to access economic data from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis then we have the solution for you.

Introducing The Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) Client

Coherent Logic has developed an application programming interface (API) for accessing the 507,000 US and international time series and other economic data from 87 data sources that are available via the FRED web services.

The FRED Client interface to the FRED web services is based on industry standard technologies including:

  • Java version 1.8
  • The Spring Framework 3.0+
  • Maven
  • Log4J & SLF4J
  • Infinispan
  • JPA
  • JUnit

This middleware has been designed with minimal dependencies, it is well documented and rigorously tested (including both unit and integration tests), example code is included to help get results quickly, and the software has been released under the LGPL open source license.

The domain model is Java Beans compliant and the framework, as a whole, can be used in either Java Swing or Java Enterprise applications.

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