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If microservices, Java, high-performance, fault-tolerant, scalable web applications, domain-specific languages, frameworks, Groovy, Jython, are words you’re familiar then we’ll have a great conversation.

We have developed the Coherent Datafeed: Thomson Reuters Elektron (TREP) Edition as both a Java API and a package for the R Project for Statisical Computing. Both products have been released under the LGPL open-source license.

Coherent Data Adapter: CUSIP Global Services Web Editionsee here.

R Bitcoin Charts API — Work with data provided by Bitcoin Charts
R API — Work with sentiment data provided by Estimize

The following frameworks are available on Maven Central:

FRED Client — A framework for working with economic data compliments of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.
World Bank Client — A framework for working with economic data compliments of the World Bank.
USA Spending Client — A framework for working with tax spending related data compliments of the website.

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