Add fault tolerance, high performance, and linear scalability to your Grails application in record time with the Grails Infinispan Plugin.

The Grails Infinispan Plugin seamlessly integrates the popular JBoss Infinispan data grid into Grails applications, providing developers with a robust solution to a technical problem that other companies charge thousands of dollars in up-front licensing fees to solve.

The Grails Infinispan Plugin delivers:

  • a domain specific language for configuring Infinispan in Grails quickly.
  • a solution that helps developers avoid and diagnose problems quickly.
  • Groovy extensions that helps developers save time and work more efficiently.

Additionally, the Grails Infinispan Plugin is:

  • available for free under the LGPL license.
  • well developed.
  • extensively tested.
  • thoroughly documented.

Review the product instructions to get started and keep in mind that if you have any questions, think you may have spotted a defect, or would like additional features added to the plugin, we’re always just an email away.

Technical Information