Early on, the Java enterprise platform established itself as the de facto platform for developing serious Internet applications, however development on the Java enterprise platform quickly gained the reputation for being slow, cumbersome, and very expensive. It was not uncommon for projects to take several months to deliver something that the business could use. It is for these reasons that platforms such as PHP remained popular for small and medium sized businesses and Java, with all it’s benefits, remained squarely out of reach. The benefits of an online presence were there for your business…if only you could afford it.

…but that was yesterday.

Today things are much different. The Java enterprise platform has evolved, matured, and has been reinvented several times and serious enterprise applications can now be developed in a fraction of the time it took several years ago.

The door is now open for small and medium sized enterprises to benefit from the “write once, run anywhere” promise that only Java delivers, without spending a fortune to see the results.

Lightweight and lean frameworks, with a history of success stories, lessen the need for very specialized and expensive architects to plan an application and instead offer out-of-the-box solutions for rapidly developing various aspects of the application – this helps to keep the cost low, the speed of development high, and the risks at a minimum.

We have been developing Internet applications on the Java enterprise platform since the dawn of the World Wide Web. We’re experts in all aspects of engineering Internet applications on the Java platform – from simple database-driven web applications to supply chain management solutions and products that are deployed in businesses with a service-oriented architecture.

So if you’re exploring options for automating your business processes, expanding your Internet presence, or looking for a way to selectively share information with partner companies, you’ve come to the right place.

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