The Grails Plugin for the Infinispan distributed cache version 0.4.0 was released on the 25th of March 2011.

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This release delivers:

* New mixins that allow the developer to do the following:

    def results = agentCache.query (Agent.class, "weapon", "gun")
    results.each { println "it: $it" }


    testCache.transactionally {
        testCache.remove (DEFAULT_KEY)


    agentCache.onCacheEntryActivated {
        // ...Handle event.

Note that we have listeners for the cache manager as well.

* An enhanced DSL — for example:

register {
    cacheManager {
        named "matrixCacheManager"
            configured {
                externally {
                    using "grails-app/conf/infinispan/workingQuery.xml"
        caches "agentCache", "illinoisCitiesCache"
    queryHelper {
        named "agentQueryHelper"
        referencing "agentCache"
        properties "" : ""
        classes infinispantestapp.Agent, infinispantestapp.SuperHero

* Additional unit testing (84 in total).

* Additional error checking.

Note that we’ve changed the license from the Apache license to the LGPL so that the plugin license matches the Infinispan license.

The web page for this plugin can be found here.