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Sometimes a little time can cost a lot of money.

And for teams actively developing an Internet application, it can be difficult to stand back and review the project in order to look for opportunities to improve the process and lower the overall cost of development. The effort is time consuming and distracts the engineers from making progress on their deliverables.

Furthermore, if the engineers don’t come prepared with a list of issues that they’re looking for as well as the knowledge and experience required in order to effectively advise on a course of action, the result will likely be a waste of time.

Individual team members tasked with evaluating the performance of the project can quickly become entangled in team politics resulting in unreliable recommendations. However putting off a thorough evaluation could be costing your company serious money and placing your project in jeopardy.

It is quite possible that everyone on the team is acutely aware of problems – except for you.

So how much could 15 minutes a day cost your business?

You might be surprised to see how quickly this seemingly small number adds up to serious money.

Try our simple cost calculator to learn more about how the hidden costs associated with inefficient development practices and finding and fixing defects impacts your bottom line.

Sometimes a little advice can go a long way.

Coherent Logic offers unbiased advice to businesses that are actively developing Internet software. Our team is always focused on helping your company drive down the cost of development, increase the likelihood of success, raise the level of engineering efficiency in the organization, and ultimately increasing the quality of the product delivered to your customers.

The experts that review your project are veteran software engineers with seasoned expertise developing software with the technology your company relies on. Our observations will add value, insight, and knowledge to your organization.

Due to the short term nature of our engagements, our consultants do not become embroiled in team politics, assuring you that if we believe that we’ve found a risk or a problem, we’ll bring it to your attention immediately and help you prepare and implement corrective action to remedy the issue.

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